About the Uniform

Your First Class

At KLM School of Dance, we offer a buffer period where you/your child can attend wearing easy to move clothing (e.g. leggings, t-shirts, shorts and/or gym bottoms, bare foot is also acceptable to start with) until you are 100% certain on continuing with your dancing sessions.

KLM School of Dance provide all uniform for the school, and is cheaper than going to dance shops!

To help with costs, Katie accepts payment in full for all clothing and footwear, as well as weekly payments of £1 - £10 until the bill has been covered.

Please find below a list of items required for each class and age range, all can be bought through Katie at reduced rates compared to shops. All shoes will be required for show work:

Babies 3-6 years

  • Easy to move clothing, Black Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes.

Juniors 1+2 6-11 years

  • Tap, Disco and Musical Comedy Class - Black Catsuit and Black Tap Shoes. Bare Foot Acceptable for Musical Comedy and Disco.
  • Ballet and Acrobatic Class - Black Catsuit and Pink Ballet Shoes. Bare Foot Acceptable for Acrobatics.

Intermediates 11-16 years

  • Combined Tap and Modern - Black Catsuit/Leotard and Tights, Black Tap Shoes and Jazz Shoes.
  • Ballet Class - Black Catsuit/Leotard and Pink/Black Tights and Pink Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoes. Pink Pointe Shoes if applicable.
  • Acrobatics Class - Black Catsuit/Leotard and Tights. Bare Foot and Jazz Shoes Acceptable.

Seniors 16+ years

  • Musical Comedy andDisco Class - Black Catsuit, Leotard and Black Tights, Gym Clothing Accepted. Jazz Shoes, Black/Nude Character Shoes. Silver Grecian Sandals and dependant of show work.
  • Tap Class - Black Catsuit, Leotard and Black Tights, Gym Clothing Accepted. Black Cuban Heeled Tap Shoes, with heel taps attached.

School Hoodies and T-shirts are also available to purchase from us, just pop your name down on the order form in lesson with a £1 reservation fee to order your items!

KLM School of Dance T-Shirt