About the Exams

Midland Academy of Stage Dancing

M.A.S.D. provides a dancing syllabus and framework accessible to all ages and abilities that help to produce an all round dancer.

Under this syllabus students can study grade work from:

  • Primary Grade - Grade 7
  • Teaching Memberships (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Standard)
  • Fellowship Membership (1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Examiner Standard)

All syllabus work is graded at, Pass, Commended, Highly Commended and Honours.

Medal Tests can also be taken through this association, for those who do not wish to take part in the graded syllabus. The Medal Tests offer different degrees of awards, from primary medals, awards and plagues, though to adult cups and choreography achievements.

Through studying under MASD, improvements in flexibility, co-ordination, stamina and movement quality is achieved: There is something for everyone to undertake and gain confidence from.

Ballet - This Genre of dance is the oldest taught within the M.A.S.D. Syllabus, with roots originating back to the 17th century. This type of dance teaches correct placement and understanding of the body, through a structured framework. Teaching control, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, stamina, fluidity and gracefulness. There is something for everyone for those just beginning, to those who just want to have fun with Ballet and for those serious dancers who wish to progress through gradework. Grade work and Medal Tests available for this.

Tap - The Tap syllabus is structured in an easy to understand way, making clear and consise development from one grade to the next. It teaches timing, rhythm, articulation of footwork and is a very good workout! Grade work and Medal Tests available for this genre.

Disco - Disco originates from the 70's, however this style in todays world is taken in a fresh, funky, fun, grounded feel to movement. Through M.A.S.D. you are given the option to explore this genre in a fun and benifitial way though medal tests and awards.

Acrobatics - Acrobatics combine gymnastic tricks, tumbles, balances and dance in a effortless and fluid way. This genre works on strength, flexibility and balance. Some companys that demonstrate acrobatic skills are that of Cirque Du Soleil and Spellbound. Under MASD, this genre is taught in a structured and safe way, with a very good stepping stone layout though all the grades, eventually leading to teaching certificates which incorperates group tablos, balances and tricks. One of the harder subjects to learn but very worth while! All of our students love it!

Musical Comedy - A type of stage dance that lends a lyrical feel to the movement. Kicks and turns are littered throughout the syllabus, meaning this genre is a main staple in a dancers education, providing a good base to work from. In certain aspects similar to Ballet but not as restricted in use of turnout, parallel is welcomed too as well as free movement throughout the body. Again, under MASD, medal and grade work are accessible to all!